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This Blog Is Moving

The blog may be moving to another location. The new address is

I’m going to give Blogger a one or two week trial to see if they’ll fit me or not. Their system is more flexible, allowing me to use HTML and CSS in my post which automatically strips from posts here. I can also edit Blogger templates, which is not something that can not be done on So if I get the urge to customize, I can do so!

Then again, perhaps their lack of nice themes (as I much prefer this one) and categories will be too much of a loss. Perhaps I’ll miss WordPress’ nice posting interface too much. Time will tell.

As of tonight, 04-26-2006, I am going to start posting over there. My apologies for how annoying this will be to anyone who actually reads this blog. All one (or heck, maybe sometimes even two) of you.

edit: So far I’m finding Blogger to be a decent alternative. I don’t like how their comment system works (it being so seperate from the post itself), but I am so far enjoying the freedom that it offers.



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8-bit gamer score

I is dying of CRT radiation.
I got 10/16 on the 8-Bit Gamer test.
Take the test!

I found this very amusing. 😉

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Flash Impossible To Remove?

edit: Finally got it! I think. Hopefully I did. I done a search for the partial file name and it found some more Macromedia files. Which I quickly deleted. Now it seems like Flash is no longer loading on Macromedia’s or others’ web sites. ::crosses fingers::

This evening I am trying very hard to get rid of Macromedia Flash Player version 8. I’ve used the Add/Remove uninstaller, I’ve manually deleted files from all over the system, and I’ve downloaded (and ran) “official” uninstallers for both Shockwave and Flash directly from Macromedia.

I’ve also cleared the cache from my browser.

Yet Flash continues to play! I can’t get rid of it!

This is terribly annoying. Is there a program out there to rip Flash & Shockwave out of the system? Something similar to Driver Cleaner Pro, perhaps.

It must be squished!

Why? The audio has stopped playing in embedded Flash. That means that YouTube, Google Video, and various animated online comics no longer produce sound on my system. This happened after my Audigy 2 NX died and I began using my mobo’s integrated audio. My original intention was to remove the software so that I could cleanly reinstall it in hopes that the audio problem would be fixed. Then I noticed that it wasn’t getting uninstalled.

However, the more that it fights against being removed from my system the more that I want to rip it out! No program has the right to forcefully remain on my computer, I don’t care what it does or who makes it.

In short, it’s really starting to annoy me.


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Fitness 04-21-2006

With breaking my diet so terribly over these past couple of days I decided that I needed to do more today. So I pushed the length of the work out and focused on burning calories rather than muscle toning. I will do some sit ups and push ups before bed tonight, though, assuming that I don’t forget! 😉

I jumped rope for about 5 minutes and then done speed walking for about 3, and alternated between the two on roughly similar intervals. These are the only two exercises that I used (no squats), but I took the time and effort to increase the over all duration.

Toward the end of tonight’s work out I began to just plain’ol walk between jumping rope, but skipped rope for nearly twice as long between walks.

Hm, I must’ve burned most of those slices of pizza away. Or so I keep telling myself. 😉


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A Fascinating Test

This particular test was taken on OkCupid, and what I find interesting about it is that there are only two questions. Despite that, the result of the test was incredibly spot-on. It’s either darn lucky, darn tricky, or darn accurate, but either way, I’m impressed that it was capable of hitting accurately with only two questions.

As such, here is the link to it and my test results. It’s hidden under the “Read More” (or similarly worded) link within this post to prevent space spam.

I’ve always enjoyed doing these types of online quizzes. 🙂

Continue reading

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Politics: China’s Hu Visits

How would you like to be a leader of a country visiting the states and receive this kind of treatment (not safe for work website)? No, wouldn’t like that? I wouldn’t think so.

This is something of a conflict of interest for me, to be honest. China’s not anywhere on my love list. Yet even I would treat the guy with more respect than that. Hell, I’d treat any guest to my house with more respect than what Dubya and gang showed Hu.

Then again, I didn’t support Bush before his first term and I sure as heck don’t support him now. That’s an understatement, but I won’t get into my full political opinion here.


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Diet 04-21-06

To be edited / updated later.

  • Salad /w Light ranch dressing (was breakfast)
  • Kashi Heart To Heart Wild Blueberry Cluster cereal
  • Unfortunately I’m out of my favorite soy milk 😦 so I had to use skim milk. I have to say that I honestly prefer the soy!
  • I said previously that I would eat better this weak. I was wrong 😦 I had four slices of pizza today, but they were chicken and tomatoe! That’s not too bad… right? sigh.. must do better. must!

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(again) Fitness 04-19-2006

With how bad I have been with my diet over the last couple of days it’s obvious that the comfortable walk that I went on earlier wasn’t enough. Also, I think that the food that I ate is dragging me down; I’m so tired that I could fall asleep right at this instant. I’m been dragging like this for awhile tonight.

So earlier I decided that I had to do something to burn off some of those extra calories. Being so I tired I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do much and ended up deciding on a lazy jump rope.

I jumped rope somewhere between 8 to 10 minutes and I got a bit more walking in, but I was simply too exhausted to do more. It’s something at least.

The weather, by the way, was beautiful. Today’s temperature was the type that I’d love to have every day.

~One very tired me

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Fitness / Diet 04-19-2006

Today’s “fitness” was a very casual walk once around the park with my mother. We planned this the other day, but the walk ended up much shorter than previously planned. I did have the option of cancelling the walk if I wanted to so I give myself props for not doing so. 😛

I still have the sit ups and push ups to do. Maybe I’ll add that to my Google calendar… yes, it’s evil, but it’s a pretty good calendar system. :/

Anyway, at least I got the walk in.

Oh, and breakfast wasn’t the healthiest but it was better than those fries. Chicken strips, mashed potatos & a small bit of mac & cheese. From KFC. So I needed this walk just to take a bit of the edge off of all of the junk that I’ve eaten recently, but my that was good. ^_^ You see, I lub mac & cheese.. and the other stuff wasn’t too bad, either.


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This morning I woke up feeling anxious, as though there was something very important that I had to do. It took about an hour to shake it and I felt as though I had to do it very soon; like within that waking hour.

How odd. The feeling still isn’t completely gone, but has been mostly shaken.

I don’t know of any important event on April 19th so it was likely left over from a dream that I don’t recall.



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